23 Nov

EPIQ Blog: Investing is Hard

Make no mistake, we enjoy what we do and embrace the challenge every day. But, in truth, investing is hard.

The difficulties are numerous and range from determining the quality of specific data at a granular level to analyzing the possibility of large, unforeseen events (such as geopolitical conflicts and domestic elections). Furthermore, results are often measured over extremely short time frames. And depending on one's objectives, monthly, quarterly or even annual performance evaluations may be short-sighted. Rather, the focus should be on meeting the specific aims important to the owners of the portfolio.

This said, we cannot imagine doing anything else and we are grateful for the trust and the partnership we have with our clients. We understand that it is our responsibility to navigate the challenge of investing and we tackle it with vigor.

Thankfully, EPIQ's values appear to resonate with those we are hoping to attract. We recently surpassed $100,000,000 in regulatory assets under management and administration. While this is not a metric we actively track, it is an important threshold in the investment industry and we appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients.

At this time of year, we are reminded of gratitude. We recognize that we are incredibly fortunate and most of the readers of this missive fall into a similar category. Being grateful also requires an obligation to others that share this planet. Every year EPIQ has contributed a portion of our profits to a philanthropy or mission that supports our global community. This year we have chosen a unique project to support. Meet Edson.


Edson Nagaba is a young Ugandan banker for Opportunity International that works with entrepreneurs providing micro-loans to support education, agriculture and commerce in frontier markets. During a lunch with Edson earlier this year in Uganda we learned that he is the first in his family to earn a college education and a goal of his is to obtain the CFA (Charter Financial Analyst) designation. As a boutique investment office founded by two CFAs we felt this a worthy dream to support.

EPIQ is sponsoring Edson's CFA review courses and guiding his studies and the path toward scholarship opportunities through the CFA Institute. Edson will sit for the Level I exam in June of 2017 and we will keep you posted as to his progress. Study hard, Edson.

In closing, thank you for your support of EPIQ Partners so we can, in turn, provide a measure of support to others. We look forward to the next conversation.

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We are moving at the end of the year so please plan to stop by in 2017.

Thank you for taking the time to read the EPIQ Blog and Happy Holidays.


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