31 Jul

Time To Think...

The long days of summer allows more time to reflect.  That is, if you do not find yourself running around to fit it all in; earlier morning exercise, visits with friends, work, kids'/grandkids' activities, some time on the lake, events and festivals, more work and a glimpse of the sunset at the end of a long day.

By far, the most important activity for us is taking the time to think about what our clients are striving to accomplish.  At EPIQ we are purposeful when carving out time to think; about their investment structure, positioning and opportunities that are the best of what is possible for them.

Our thinking today reveals:

  • An economy that is neither too hot nor too cold and that provides for favorable conditions for quality businesses to build shareholder value.  This goldilocks era is not as robust as we may want but it is not as bad as many pundits spew.  Thoughtful investors should be rewarded over time.
  • Interest rates have moved higher in recent weeks but remain near historically low levels. We do not expect to see wild inflation nor drastic action from central banks.  The signaling has been clear from
    Bernanke and the markets are digesting this rhetoric in a relatively smooth manner.
  • There are fewer public companies today (and fewer companies becoming public) than in years past.  As a result, the opportunity set for investors continues to shrink.  With less "float" to absorb capital and many companies implementing buy-back programs the shrinking share count should help push per-share earnings higher and provide support to the price of said shares.
  • There must be openness to other opportunities/alternatives for investment capital.  We have spent a
    fair amount of time looking into several non-public investment vehicles.  As the parameters for each are unique, a great deal of due diligence (and client education) is required.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please let us know your thoughts.  We are happy to engage in
a conversation in the things that interest you.  Enjoy the rest of your summer.


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