27 Mar

Success Defined

EPIQ Partners exists as a boutique investment office for successful families.

The interesting thing about success is that each person defines it differently, and the link between happiness and success exists but changes over time. Successes that made you happy yesterday might not deliver the same joy tomorrow. The research behind success and happiness is fascinating. The more we learn about the way our minds work, the greater our probability to reach successful outcomes.

Check out this informative video on the incentives that drive people to work, achieve success, and feel happiness through autonomy, mastery, and purpose: Drive - Dan Pink.

We believe people are happiest when they are:

  1. Achieving goals that, at first, seem out of reach
  2. Belonging to part of something that is bigger than themselves
  3. Helping others accomplish something of significance.

Thank you for taking the time to review. We wish you success and happiness in all your endeavors.


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EPIQ Partners is committed to building long-lasting relationships

Our managing partners believe client intimacy and professional advocacy are what makes this firm special and different from other investment firms. We bring a partnership approach to all of our relationships.

We offer a retainer-based, fee-for-service model to ensure the highest level of transparency and alignment.