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What We Do

During a recent conversation with an influential professional, it became apparent that it might be unclear exactly what we do at EPIQ Partners. In an industry with numerous choices, structures, and competitors, it is important to highlight what differentiates EPIQ and explain our strategy to deliver value in meaningful ways. For existing clients reading this post, we know you already "get it" and are experiencing the EPIQ difference. We thank you, because it is wonderful to partner with people who truly get it.

In short, we invest to meet clients' objectives while respecting their appetite for risk. We are significantly aligned with them and constrained only at their direction. To do this effectively, we spend significant time understanding their goals and objectives and work to deliver the best of what is possible for the situation.


From experience we know that no two clients are the same. It is vital to understand each person's complete situation, including retirement, estate planning, education and insurance needs, tax situation, financial planning, and philanthropy. Next, we design an optimal structure and deploy capital toward its highest and best use.


To be most effective, EPIQ is organized as an independent registered investment advisor (RIA). Check out this link for concise information on the benefits of the RIA structure: http://www.riastandsforyou.com/.

We know that many firms make the same promises stated above and employ similar structures. Perhaps it is best to continue our explanation with examples of how we stand out.

AUTHENTICITY – EPIQ is a boutique investment office staffed by professionals who thrive on advocacy and professional intimacy. The biggest benefit of managing our own firm is having the freedom to do what we believe is the right thing. Our personalities clearly come through in the delivery of our services, and we make decisions that are in our clients' best interests (fiduciary standard) while also providing an uncompromised solution to their specific, pressing issues.

One example of our commitment to clients shows in EPIQ's custom of making anonymous contributions during the holidays to nonprofits that are important to our clients. It is a small gesture, but one that is authentic to us and meaningful to them.

THOUGHTFULNESS – A consistent phrase we repeat at EPIQ is, "We are not trying to be the smartest guys in the room ... just pretty darn smart and always the most thoughtful." Being thoughtful can add significant performance if done consistently over the long term.

In a new client relationship, we always evaluate current holdings and assess the tax impact of any transition. We often will maintain low-cost positions with large, unrealized gains and develop a strategy to meet the client's expectations. This thoughtfulness may allow for reduced (or deferred) tax consequences and a conversation surrounding what is important to the clients.

When it comes to investment selection, we are thoughtful with regards to our valuation, return expectations, fellow stakeholders, and the price we ultimately pay for an investment. This requires a high degree of patience that ultimately provides more time to be thoughtful.

STEWARDSHIP – Bottom line, investors want a team of experienced professionals who are looking out for them, their money, and their interests. In a world of data breaches, robo-advisers, and misaligned incentives, we are thrilled to earn the trust of our clients and act as a vigilant attaché for decades to come.

It is important to clearly communicate how EPIQ generates its revenues. After gathering clients' information and understanding their circumstances, scope of the relationship, and expectations, we engage in an authentic and thoughtful conversation on fees and establish a retainer-based, annual fixed amount. It is clear and straightforward, with 100 percent of revenues coming from clients.

We believe that the fee-for-service structure is a tremendous value to our clients. It also removes the moral hazard that exists when a manager's tolerance for risk and growth might be different than the client's, potentially resulting in inappropriate investment exposure. Our goal is to deliver advice and service so that our clients' objectives are obtained. When successful, they will want to remain clients for a long, long time.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Feel free to call us for a conversation.

If you would like to hear more from EPIQ Partners, please RSVP for our EPIQ Education Session on October 28th. It's called Keep Your Secrets Secret with Paul Jaeb (http://pauljaeb.com/) of Heartland Investigative Group. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.


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EPIQ Partners is committed to building long-lasting relationships

Our managing partners believe client intimacy and professional advocacy are what makes this firm special and different from other investment firms. We bring a partnership approach to all of our relationships.

We offer a retainer-based, fee-for-service model to ensure the highest level of transparency and alignment.