24 Mar

EPIQ Blog: Professional Development

At EPIQ Partners, we have the good fortune to do something we authentically enjoy every day. One of our core values is to always act upon our high level of intellectual curiosity with a commitment to lifelong learning. We believe this endeavor will prove beneficial to our partners and ourselves.

Over the course of the year, we attend several education and investment conferences. As members of the CFA Institute, we adhere to a code of ethics and standards of professional conduct that makes continuing education a meaningful component to our charters. We understand that it is one of the reasons successful families choose to partner with us. In addition to servicing our partner relationships, we are the ones that pay attention to market fundamentals allowing us to thoughtfully advise clients on how to achieve their objectives.


At investment conferences, we evaluate potential new investments or check in on existing holdings. These meetings provide access to management and time to assess our investment thesis. The industry conferences are focused primarily on technology, compliance and how to grow one's business. By far, most interesting to the readers of this blog, is the recent CFA Wealth Management Conference hosted by the CFA Institute we attended last week.

We would be happy to share our thoughts on any of the following modules that were covered should you have a question:

  • Capital Market Assumptions (near-term total returns will be challenged)
  • Philanthropy (many options to do this thoughtfully)
  • Asset Allocation (cognitive computing will play a more meaningful role)
  • Goal Achievement (only met through customization)
  • Culture (it matters)
  • Spending in retirement (the "4% rule" is mostly irrelevant)
  • Technology (amazing things are coming soon)
  • Municipal Bonds (not as boring as they seem)
  • Economic overview (sluggish growth with valuation opportunities internationally)

Attending conferences such as this one keeps us focused and provides fresh ideas to ponder as we grow. Our focus from the beginning has always been authenticity, thoughtfulness and stewardship. To that end, our commitment to lifelong learning goes a long way to honor this focus.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We welcome the opportunity to continue the conversation.


EPIQ Happenings:

EPIQ Discovery – Late last year, EPIQ Partners participated in a Kickstarter campaign that benefited Leonardo's Basement in South Minneapolis. The contribution allows us to host an event at their new location. On April 24th, we will host an EPIQ Discovery event at Leonardo's Basement that is ideal for kids of all ages who like to innovate and invent. See additional details here and contact us if you would like an invitation to this limited event.

FBI Citizen's Academy – Managing Partner, Bruce Langer, was selected to participate in the 2016 FBI Citizens Academy. Sessions start in April and don't be surprised to see the occasional update in this blog. Call it a further commitment to lifelong learning and professional development that should provide interesting information and valuable relationships.


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