22 Aug

EPIQ Blog: Qualitative Research

Last month EPIQ Partners, with the help of ThinkPink Idea Consulting, conducted confidential research of those who know us best... our clients! The objective of the project was to identify the current perceptions of our firm and to better understand our areas of success, opportunities for improvement, our differentiators as well as to assist us visualize the future.

We are quickly approaching our four-year anniversary and felt that it was time to better understand what got us to this point. In late 2012, we set out to form a boutique investment office for successful families and their related interests. When looking at our roster of client "partners", we could not be more pleased with the quality of relationships in place. We are fortunate to work with a variety of investors about whom we care deeply and share an alignment of interests with.

Candidly, it is a bit frightening to ask for feedback from those that are most important because one is never sure what you will hear and less certain if you are going to like it. The good news is that the overwhelming response was positive (see the word-cloud above taken directly from the research). EPIQ is "working" and we should "stay the course" according to the vast majority of responses. However, it was interesting to learn the perceptions that exist and exciting to ponder the actions to take as we strive for constant improvement.


We formed EPIQ Partners to work with successful families, fully understanding that success is defined differently by each individual. EPIQ is excelling in the authentic partnership we forge with each client and the alignment that exists in the way we deploy capital and in the way we are structured.

Coming through the qualitative research as meaningful differentiators include:

  • True customization
  • Up-front, transparent, retainer fee structure
  • Access to non-traditional investment opportunities
  • A high degree of confidentiality
  • Interesting EPIQ events
  • Thoughtful and helpful introductions
  • A commitment to the communities in which we live and work

Primary opportunities for improvement surround communication and the clarity of performance reporting. To address these issues, we are working to become more clear, concise and frequent with our communication and reporting. In addition, we will be updating client preferences and introducing technology tools that may better meet expectations.

The research data comes at a time when understanding our strengths and opportunities is vital. As we prepare to celebrate our fourth anniversary we would like to reveal a few catalysts that will shape the next chapter of EPIQ Partners. They include:

  • The addition of Ben Frey, who brings a wealth of operational expertise and investment knowledge from experience with two leading industry firms. His enthusiasm, values and keen wisdom is a solid addition as we design our plan to grow.
  • Assets under administration/management approaching a level where our regulatory relationship will ascend to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).
  • A new office at the end of the year (2919 Knox Ave S).

Our number one priority remains taking care of our current partners and retaining our EPIQ culture. We continue our pledge to bring authentic and thoughtful stewardship to the assets and partnerships we are fortunate to hold.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through and we look forward to continuing the conversation.

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